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REVIEW: Wiser Air Smart Thermostat

As more and more people are starting to turn their homes into “smart ones,” one of the first and best things in my opinion to do is change out your thermostat, especially if you have a central HVAC system.

With so many smart thermostats on the market now, Schneider Electric has a model called Wiser Air.


The unit (available in black or white) happens to be pretty small in size and won’t stand out like an eye soar on the wall.

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There is a reason Schneider Electric says, “the smart thermostat, made Wiser.” Let’s talk about some of the great features that the Wiser Air offers:


  • Touchscreen Display (looks and feels just as nice as your smartphone and offers a handful of alerts/notifications as well as features you can read/control from your fingertips)
  • Scheduling (this can be done via the app or through your computer)
    • Eco iQ – It’s the self learning algorithm that remembers the settings you like and can auto configure into a daily schedule for you
  • Wiser Pulse (I LOVE this feature as from a glance across the room, you can see a back lit light glowing on the wall that indicates Blue for cooling, Yellow for heating and Green when Eco iQ is saving energy)




  • Comfort Boost (this is a great way to get that quick burst of either cool or warm air quickly)
  • Wiser Forecast (get alerts across the screen of your thermostat and/or app for severe weather coming to your area)


weather_alert1       weather_alert2

  • Auto Updates allow you to enjoy additional features and software updates without you having to do anything
  • Humidity Balance (the built in sensor determines the current amount of moisture in the air and then uses the A/C to slowly remove moisture from the air until it reaches the desired level


So all the features listed above can easily be controlled by any Apple, Android or Windows device as well as online from your PC or MAC.


All in all, you are getting a good looking thermostat that packs a lot of great features, that you can easily access whether you are home or on the go.

Also, to note when you first install the Wiser Air, for homes that don’t have a common (C) wire for power, Schneider Electric has included a wire extender kit that resolves the issue of no “C” wire available. This way, you will know regardless of how your home’s wiring is, the Wiser Air will work.

I only wish that the Wiser Air had some third party integrations like some of its’ competitors have to work with other home automation products.



To buy this now, click HERE.





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