Orbi WiFi system


Now a days, we all seem to be attached to our smart devices & computers and rely on WiFi to make the connection. So with all the higher speeds you can get from your cable company, what good is it if your signal can’t reach through out your home or office.

To solve this problem, NETGEAR has made the first and only Tri-band WiFi mesh system called Orbi.


Netgear Orbi WiFi


Let me tell you about some of the great features that make Orbi the answer to bad reception and dead spots:


  • Tri-Band Mesh WiFi (Tri-band mesh allows more devices to connect without losing speed or range)
  • Single SSID (Orbi creates a single network and will automatically move your devices between bands to increase your WiFi speeds as opposed to the other routers that have a separate SSID’s for their 2.4 and 5 GHz networks you would have to log-in to.)
  • Superhighway (The tri-band mesh creates a high capacity “superhighway,” while other systems experience slow speeds, as you add units)


orbi superhighway


  • Expanded Ethernet ports (the Satellite unit gives you four more Ethernet ports you can use for devices that are too far away from the router)


orbi back



  • Expandable Satellites (The standard package contains one Orbi router and one Orbi Satellite that can blanket up to 4000 sq ft. but you can always add additional satellites if needed)


netgear orbi layout


  • NETGEAR Genie app (Control your Orbi system from any iOS or Android device as well as logging in on your computer to see your wireless settings, Guest Access, Network Map, Parental Controls, Traffic Meter and more.)


NETGEAR Genie app



Besides all these GREAT features above, Orbi packs a handful more of features that make this a no-brainer for any household. Especially with home automation/smart homes becoming more popular, all those products rely on WiFi and take up bandwidth on your network, or maybe just can’t connect so well based on where your router is placed. Once again, Orbi to the rescue!

The system is a little costly, as the standard package (that includes the router and satellite (that covers up to 4000 sq ft) sells for $399.99 or if you have a smaller location, you can opt just for the Orbi router (covers up to 2,000 sq ft) for $249.99. You can also buy additional satellite units if you need even more coverage for $249.99 as well.

Regardless of what you chose, I personally feel it’s WELL worth the value for what you get in the long run to know your devices are going to work no matter where you are at home.

My only complaint would be the size of Orbi. The design is simple and looks nice but it’s a little larger than I would prefer, especially if it’s being placed out in the open but, in my opinion, the results it delivers more than makes up for the looks I feel!


Don’t deny yourself the speed you are paying for anymore and thank Netgear after you install it!


Once again, you can click HERE to buy it now!




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