REVIEW: JBL Cinema SB 450

As TV costs continue to get lower, the quality seems to get better. These days 4K video quality is being offered on more and more TV sets from most manufacturers. The issue is that while the video might look better, the sound doesn’t necessarily improve.

JBL, who is one of the older speaker companies in the US, is taking notice of this trend. That is why they came out with their newest soundbar, the Cinema SB 450, that has 4K Ultra-HD sound.



JBL SB 450


JBL has taken incredible 4K Ultra-HD sound and packed it into a great style and design with this soundbar. The whole system is very simple with very little to do to increase your sound within minutes. Why not have your incredible video sound just as good as it looks?!


The soundbar can be mounted to a wall with the included bracket or you can attach feet that are included if you prefer to have it sit on any flat surface.

The true performance of the SB 450 comes from a total power of 440 Watts.

200 Watts of that is just in the incredible 8-inch wireless subwoofer that provides a crossover adjustment on the unit as well as being able to control the bass from the wireless remote. No cables needed to connect to the soundbar!


subwoofer rear  subwoofer bottom





The 4K Ultra-HD soundbar itself packs a lot of sound as well featuring High Dynamic Range and HDCP 2.2 to make sure you can receive all 4K Ultra-HD sound.



Let’s talk about all the great features this soundbar has:


  • Connections: The back side of the soundbar has 3 HDMI Inputs + 1 HDMI Output (ARC) to give you seamless connection to your TV as well as an Aux-In and Optical-In inputs.
  • Wireless Bluetooth Streaming: you can connect your smartphone/tablet/smart home device (ex. Amazon Echo/Google Home) to the speaker
  • Virtual Surround Sound: Experience virtual surround sound without additional wires or speakers with Harman Display Surround.
  • JBL Connect: You can connect other JBL speakers that have JBL Connect together to amplify the listening experience in various rooms or create a bigger sound in one room.
  • JBL SoundShift: Allows you to instantly switch between sound from your TV and sound from your wireless device.
  • TV Remote Control Learning: The Cinema SB 450 comes with a small remote that has tons of features on it (see above) but, you can also add all of that to any smart remote or have your standard TV remote control the basic features.


As you have now read, the Cinema SB 450 really is fully packed with great features to make your listening experience even better! With the subwoofer being wirelessly connected, you just have to make sure it’s within 30 feet of the soundbar and most recommend placing it in a corner to get increased bass/vibration.


Take a look at a video from JBL that sums up the Cinema SB450:



I have several JBL sound products and each one never seems to fail on sound quality and features. There is a reason JBL has been around since 1946 and still going strong. I personally love the JBL Connect feature as I mentioned above, as I can link my speakers together to play the same sound in various rooms at once.

Anyone looking to improve their TV sound as well as adding a great speaker in the room for listening to your music, the Cinema SB 450 is a no brainer. Whether you have a newer 4K Ultra-HD screen or not, the sound will not disappoint!


You can buy this now from JBL by clicking HERE.


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