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REVIEW: JBL Reflect Aware Earphones

Did you just get the new iPhone 7/7 Plus? As most people know, the earphones that come with the iPhone aren’t that comfortable or good sounding. Plus, with the new designed body of the iPhone, you no longer have the 3.5mm jack that exists on every other phone on the market (unless you use the included adapter which adds on some bulk).

To solve this “problem,” JBL is one of the few companies that now offers aftermarket earphones, called Reflect Aware, for the iPhone that have a Lightning cable to connect directly into your new iPhone.

Let me tell you what makes the Reflect Aware so special with all the features packed inside:


  • Noise Cancellation: Tune out everything around you to focus more on what you are doing and listening too with less distraction. The Reflect Aware lets you do that with out needing batteries adding weight and bulk
  • Equalizer: If you like to listen to your music, why not listen exactly how you want it. Through the “My JBL Headphones” app, you can chose from several pre-set EQ’s or create your own custom 10 band EQ to EXACTLY how you want the sound to be




  • Adaptive Noise Control: Adjust how much noise you want to hear from the outside so you can be aware of your surroundings.
  • Lightning Connector: By connecting to the Lightning jack on your Apple device, you eliminate the need to use batteries to power these amazing headphones plus you get digital sound directly to your ears.
  • Sweat Proof: From casually listening to working out, the Reflect Aware are sweat proof, water resistant and easy to clean.
  • Ergonomic Ear-Tips: With the multiple size ear-tips included, you can be sure you will get a perfect and secure fit so you get that noise cancellation and a perfect fit.


ear tips



  • Reflective Cable: Whether you are wearing your earphones around the home or out and about, you are sure to be seen by the reflective cable that are also tangle free.
  • Remote Control: Built into the cable is a remote that allows you to adjust the volume, play/pause, track forward/back, turn on/off Adaptive Noise Cancel and/or Noise Cancellation.





So as you can see, even though the headphones are small, they pack a huge amount of features within plus the great sound JBL has been known for over the decades.

The fact you can get noise cancellation and not need to have any batteries included is a HUGE plus in my opinion. I have other headphones and earphones that require batteries.  You can definitely tell the weight difference since the Reflect Aware utilizes the Lightning jack for it’s power.

You also get this circular JBL pouch (below) to store your earphones in as well as three sizes of ear tips to make sure you have the perfect fit.




In my opinion, this is a no-brainer for any new iPhone. You get great sounding headphones with so many features and don’t need to worry about using the terrible Apple earphones it comes with or attach the 3.5mm adapter for your older headphones.


You can click HERE to buy the Reflect Aware now.




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