REVIEW: ecobee3 Smart WiFi Thermostat

There are many things you can change out or add to your home to make it smart – the thermostat is always my first recommendation.

That being said, there are more than a handful of different smart WiFi thermostats on the market now a days, so which one do you chose and why.



The ecobee3. While it may be pricier than others, what it is capable of doing is well worth it. After all, how often do you change your thermostat?  If you are going to make the change, you might as well do it right.

Let’s talk about some of the great features that make the ecobee3 one of the top WiFi thermostats on the market:

  • WiFi connection no matter where you are in the WORLD, as long as you have WiFi or data connectivity on your mobile device or computer, you can access your ecobee3 to check on the system or make changes.

ecobee3 devices

  • Smart Home/Away If your system senses that you are home during your scheduled Away period, or away during your scheduled Home period, it will automatically override your schedule to maximize comfort and savings.
  • Wireless Remote Sensors Ordinary thermostats read the temperature in only one room, but are supposed to deliver comfort in all rooms. ecobee3 remote sensors deliver the right temperature in the rooms that matter most.

ecobee3 sensors

  • Follow Me Control your comfort by averaging the temperature of the selected sensors that detect motion or all of the selected sensors in your home, regardless of motion.


follow me


  • Standards Compliant ecobee smart thermostats are compatible with Apple HomeKit, IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Echo, Wink and many more, giving you ultimate control over your environment. This means, they have made it VERY easy to connect your ecobee with most smart home automation devices, including telling Alexa on an Amazon Echo or Apple’s Siri to change your temperature.





  • Power Extender Kit (PEK) A lot of older homes weren’t wired with a “C wire”/”Common wire.” ecobee makes it easy for ANYONE to wire this thermostat in your home, no exceptions. The ecobee3 comes with a PEK in every box, just in case to make your thermostat compatible with all homes…




  • Mobile App/Web Browser Interface Very clean looking, loaded with features and easy to use.


ecobee3 app  ecobee3-web-interface-screen


With this many features (and more that aren’t even listed), what else more could you expect or imagine from a device that you rely on almost every day. The sensors (which you can add up to 32 of them) are a great differentiation from all the other WiFi thermostats as they truly help not only make the rooms ideally the temperature you want but also save energy as the system knows what rooms are occupied or not.

With the holidays right around the corner, this is a great gift to ask for and you can click HERE to buy it now!




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