Vobot Smart Clock

REVIEW: Vobot Smart Clock

Most people have an alarm clock. Whether it be an actual alarm clock or their smart device, it’s a necessity needed to help you start your day whether you just use it for the alarm or maybe music to get you out of bed.

The people at Vobot Inc., came out with the Vobot Smart Clock¬†that has Amazon’s Alexa “A.I” integrated inside it, which really makes this clock a game changer of a device on so many levels to have on a table or by your bedside. Plus, the design looks great!

Rather than list all the great features the Vobot has, let’s take a look at the video showing some of them in action:




So now that you have seen some of the features that the Vobot is capable of, it sells itself in my eyes.

For the same price as an Amazon Dot ($50), it looks nicer and does almost all the same Amazon features but offers MORE as a clock while delivering better sound from it’s 5W speaker and it doesn’t need to always be plugged into an outlet.


You can buy the Vobot Smart Clock directly from Vobot’s Amazon store by clicking¬†HERE



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