REVIEW: Triby – Smart Portable Speaker

Meet Triby! This device is the first third-party product that uses Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant found in the Echo, Tap & Dot. It also happens to be a  a Bluetooth speaker for your kitchen + much more…

Let’s start with the design: It looks like a little handheld radio that actually has a magnet on the back to stick to your fridge or other metals surfaces in your kitchen (You can even chose from four colors you want the skin to be that wraps around it.) Plus there is a 2.9″ e-paper screen.



triby 360


To Talk about some of the features packed inside:


  • Alexa Voice Control (you can leave as constantly activated to listen for Alexa or push a button to activate Alexa

  • WiFi Music Steaming (you can store several radio station channels as presets

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Battery Powered (battery varies based on uses and features. Leaving “Alexa” on constant will drain battery in two days)

  • Stereo Sound

  • Four microphones to pick up voice/sound commands

  • VoIP Calls


Lets talk about VoIP calls. There are profiles you can set up through the phone app and on the Triby, there are two direct access phone shaped buttons that can call either profile directly to have a conversation. As long as one party has WiFi or cellular service, the calls will go through from Triby or vice versa if you are calling Triby from outside the house.



triby-the-connected-speaker-07                                                                                                            app-images



There is also “Doodle” mode, where you can type a message (with or without graphics and send it to the Triby to be read by anyone. Once a message arrives to the device, a yellow “mail” envelope pops out on the left side and makes a noise alerting you that a new message has arrived. Then all you have to do is push in the mail and Triby sends an alert to the user’s phone that the message has been read. (After testing this out for a couple months, my “mail” seems to get stuck when it tries to pop out halfway and I have to pull it to full pull it out to allow someone to reset or mark the message read)






When it comes to listening to music, Triby has you covered as well. Through the app, there is a long list of stations that you can chose to play through the device as well as assigned some stations to the presets for easy tuning directly from Triby or if you use Spotify, you can connect your account as well!


Last feature I want to talk about is the Alexa Voice Service integration.


With a button on the side of the Triby, you can easily enable Alexa when you want to say a command or you can activate via the app to always have  Alexa listening. (this way will drain the battery very fast.) You can easily from across the room, ask Alexa to play music from Amazon Music, iHeart Radio and other services but the list doesn’t stop there. Do you need an Uber ordered or want to add items to your Amazon shopping list? Just ask Alexa through Triby to do so. It’s that easy…


For the price of $199, it’s not a compulsive purchase for most but,I have to say that the Triby is a useful device with some potential.


Click here to BUY IT NOW.











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