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Kickstarter Spotlight: ProShot Case

proshot case


I wanted to share my newest top Kickstarter find which happens to come to a close on December 3rd!

As any iPhone user knows, with each new model, the camera gets a major upgrade and that couldn’t be any more correct with the newest iPhone 6s. The picture and video quality are just beyond amazing and much better quality than the previous models…

So, imagine that you could turn your iPhone 6/6s into a GoPro??


With their Pre-Order almost over, let me introduce you to the ProShot Case. It’s a waterproof, durable, and shockproof housing for the iPhone 6/6s that gives the freedom to take your phone anywhere and capture any moment.

With interchangeable fish eye, wide angle, and flat lenses and a red filter for underwater, you can get the perfect shot for every moment. They are easy to screw on and off and use high quality glass to ensure your pictures will be better than ever.

To make this even BETTER… Every ProShot comes with two interchangeable lids capable of handling extreme environments. The Deep Dive lid is waterproof down to 90 feet and the Touch Screen is waterproof down to 6 feet.

The team even built an app that allows you to switch between slow-motion, photo, and video modes using the buttons on ProShot. The volume (-) button cycles between modes while the volume (+) takes pictures and videos. What’s great is that All the footage will download directly to the camera roll, so you can easily share with friends and family when ever you want!


Check out this video and you will see why it’s no wonder ProShot has exceeded their Kickstarter goal!



To Pre-Order this for $89 before it’s too late, click HERE!




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