REVIEW: Pearl RearVision Wireless Rear-view Camera & Alerts System

As some of you might know, it will become mandatory come May 2018 that all new vehicles must have a backup camera on them from the manufacturers. What if you are driving something older or even just got a new(er) vehicle that isn’t equipped with one?

There are lots of options on the market to add a backup camera and wire it to a rear-view mirror or monitor or change out your radio to have one with a larger screen with a camera attached. All of those options require wiring and power to your battery and in most cases, paying someone to install it if you aren’t handy.

Pearl Auto created a VERY simple and easy solution that adds that extra level of safety to your vehicle.

Meet RearVision! It’s a solar powered, wireless rear-view camera with an added alert system to let you know when there are obstacles in your path.


rearvision kit


As you can see in the image above, RearVision comes as a very simple and easy to use kit. What’s included in the box are the RearVision camera frame and bracket, car adapter plug (fits into your OBD port) and a magnetic phone mount (that clips on your air vent or you can stick on your dash).

Let’s dive into some of the great and amazing features:


  • Solar power: (that’s right, you don’t need to run ANY wires to power it) The concealed solar panels will keep it charged or if it runs low for any reason, you can easily take the internal USB cable and charge it at home)

rearvision solar


  • Two precise HD cameras: (Two are better than one, right?!) One camera has infrared to see very well at night and the other is optimized for daytime. Both have a seven-element lens with up to 180* field of view. Through the app, you can chose between normal and super-wide view at the touch of a button.


rearvision cameras


  • Visual and Audible alerts: Using your Pearl app, you can get alerts both visually and audible when the cameras pick up objects and/or people in your path. Like a traditional backup camera, the RearVision will give you guide-lines as well if you turn on the option, to help in judging the distance as you get close to an object. The screen will alert you with sound and motion as well (as seen below)






  • Easy Installation: All that is needed is to download the Pearl app, mount the camera frame & bracket and plug in the car adapter to your OBD port under your dashboard. That’s it and it’s that simple!




  • Automatic Updates: Through your Pearl app on your iOS or Android device, RearVision can easily get updated so your backup technology only keeps getting better.



My vehicle didn’t come with a backup camera and I can say, now that I have Pearl’s RearVision installed, I never have to second guess my distance or what might be behind me while I am backing up. The color and clarity through the screen is crystal clear as well! It truly is a great and smart upgrade.



You can click HERE to buy it now.



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