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Previously, I reviewed NETGEAR’s Orbi WiFi mesh system (http://therobreports.com/blog/orbi/)

I wanted to follow up as since my last review as,  NETGEAR has been busy expanding their Orbi line up. As I previously talked about, (you can click on the link above), Orbi’s WiFi mesh system is a must have for your home, especially if you have any “dead spots” where WiFi doesn’t work or is very slow based on a lot of devices connected.

Some people have told me that they wish that Orbi could make a smaller, compact device as, their satellites are on the larger side. Well those people who commented are in luck as NETGEAR now offers the add-on Orbi Wall Plug Satellite.


Orbi wall plug


The Wall Plug Satellite is the perfect size that plugs directly into your outlet. It’s clutter-free with its smaller and compact size and still gives you 1,500 Sq Ft of coverage with four high-performance internal antennas in comparison to the Orbi standard size satellites which sit on some surface and have a plug-in power cord but, they do give you a range from 2,000 – 2,500 Sq Ft of coverage per unit.




You still need a base Router (which gives you an initial 2,000 Sq Ft of coverage) and then you can add either type of satellite to increase the coverage. Just chose how much more additional coverage to determine what satellite(s) are right for you, plug them in and it’s that simple.

By visiting NETGEAR’s website,  you can use their “Find your Orbi” tool to see which kit is the right one for you.



Orbi family



As I have said in the past, don’t deny yourself the internet speed you are paying for anymore and thank Netgear after you install Orbi!










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