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REVIEW: Nomad Ultra Rugged Battery Cable

For anyone with an iPhone, no matter what model you have, you realize the battery typically┬ácan’t last a full day. Whether you are in your car, at home or work, most people have a charging cable on hand to keep the phone running by the end of the day. But, if you are on the go or traveling and not so accessible to a power outlet, your only hope is carrying a portable charger(that your cable can plug into and hoping that it was recharged after the last time you used it!)

Nomad, known for making your life easier by needing less when it comes to your Apple products (and other brands), created the ultra rugged Battery Cable for your iPhone. This is a MFi Lightning cable with a built-in battery charger!





Specs on what makes this such a great charging cable:


  • 2350mAh built-in battery that is good for 1 full charge of your iPhone

nomad battery




  • MFi certified by Apple (that means it’s GUARANTEED to work with your iPhone)
  • Ultra rugged cable design

nomad cable desciption














  • High quality cable plug/tip

cable plugs











  • Pass-through charging technology (this means that when your cable is plugged into an outlet, your iPhone will charge first and then your internal battery will recharge)
  • 1.5 Meters/5 Feet: This cable is a really good length for no matter where you are using it

nomad - iPhone












After using this battery cable for awhile now, I will say it’s worth every dollar. I have A LOT of Apple or Apple MFi (Made For iPhone/iPod/iPad) certified cables as well as battery chargers (ranging in various mAh’s) and I have to say that this “all-in-one” package (having the charger built into the cable) is just beyond convenient. Whether you have the cable in your pocket or in a bag, you never have to worry about if your USB cable has come lose from the charger and clearly, not charging your device. I do wish the charger came in various battery sizes and the battery charger could be a little lighter but it’s pretty much in-line for what the weight of a charger that is 2100-2500mAh weighs.

The cable itself is ultra rugged ballistic 1000D Nylon wrapped in a fire resistant PVC jacket. It is also made with 4x strength Kevlar core which is made to withstand the 10K flex test. Just reading that, you can tell this is a durable cable that is made to last through daily wear and tear.

Besides the convenience I mentioned above about an “all-in-one” charger cable, the “pass-through” charging technology truly is remarkable. No matter where you have this cable plugged in to charge, your iPhone/iPod/iPad will fully charge first before the battery goes into recharge mode. There is also an LED light that lights up in different colors to let you know the status of the battery life as well as charging.┬áNomad also has a 2 year limited warranty on ALL their products.


You can click HERE to buy it now for $49.95



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