As most people know, LED bulbs are the way to go when lighting your home. Yes, they might cost more per bulb but they draw less power (saves you money) and have an average life span of roughly 20+ years a bulb. So basically you put in the bulb, you don’t have to worry about changing them for a long time. Besides your basic bulbs, LED light strips are becoming more and more popular. Whether under or over the cabinets, along the wall, behind furniture, etc., there are endless ideas and locations to place them.


LEDVANCE (formerly OSRAM-Sylvania) has a product line called LIGHTIFY. All the products under LIGHTIFY allow you to control them via your smartphone app and besides your traditional light bulbs, LEDVANCE offers LED strip lighting for both indoors as well as outdoors.


Let’s talk about the app (available for iOS and Android) which is the brain to the system. It’s loaded with these features to make it even easier and “smarter” for you to use:


  • Colors (besides the multiple shades of white you can select and customize, there is a scroll wheel that allows you to make them light up in color with 16 million different variations
  • Presets (themes) 14 are built in and you can make others as well. They might range from Ocean to Evening, Fireplace, even Plant light and many more.
  • Favorites allow you to create a color you like and mark it, so its an easy one touch for the future to get that color glowing again
  • Light Control is the main screen that allows you to chose the color temperature, brightness percentage, power on/off control or pull up a favorite
  • Schedules allows you to create times of the day you want the light(s) to turn on/off as a Wake-up light, Vacation Mode allows you to set the light(s) to turn on/off every 60 minutes or how ever you define it to and TV Stimulation allows you to chose when the light(s) should go on/off and also chose what color schedule you want to be illuminated automatically, rather than what the light(s) were last set at.


control    color   presets   favorites   schedules


Diving into how LIGHTIFY fits in with smart homes. Unlike some other light companies that require you to connect a gateway box to your router (using up one of the few cable spots on it), LEDVANCE created a gateway plug that is a small square that you plug into any electrical outlet in your house and it allows you to control how ever many LIGHTIFY lights you have at home.









What’s also nice about the LIGHTIFY LED strips are that you can connect additional pieces/strands if you need to extend the length (there is also an additional connector package you can buy to give you the right adapters to expand.)

If the length is to long you can also cut them into smaller sizes if needed and on the strips, there are cut marks so you know exactly where to trim without ruining anything.



indoor flex    connectors-set




Last thing to mention, which is pretty exciting for a techie like me, is the 3rd party integration you have with these lights.

  • Amazon Echo, you can easily ask “Alexa” to turn on the “kitchen lights” or dim the lights down, etc..
  • Nest thermostat, based on it being in home or away mode, the lights can adjust accordingly.
  • You can also control all LIGHTIFY lights through a Wink hub, Samsung SmartThings, WeMo link, Iris hub and certain Logitech remote controls


As the lists grows you can easily see how the LIGHTIFY series can compliment and easily connect and “play” with your other smart home products.


Here is a video showing how the lights look above kitchen cabinets in a dark room



You can click HERE to buy LIGHTIFY products now.





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