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How often do you like to get away, whether taking a trip, tailgating or doing anything with family or friends and of course having some tunes along for the ride?

JBL came up with a great speaker that keeps you connected while you are disconnected….

Meet the Xtreme. A portable Bluetooth speaker that can hold it’s own anywhere.

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Available in the three colors above, the Xtreme really has a lot to offer when comparing to other Bluetooth speakers on the market.

Here are some of the features that JBL packed inside it:

  1.  15 hours of playtime
  2. 10,000mAH battery with DUAL USB charger plugs
  3. Speakerphone (to take and receive calls)
  4. Splashproof (YES, you can get this wet and dirty and literally rinse it off under a faucet)
  5. JBL Connect (you can connect another speaker that has JBL Connect to give you that ultimate stereo sound)
  6. Four active transducers and two visible JBL Bass Radiators (that basically means AWESOME sound you can hear and feel)

So while on the go, you can literally listen to music, take a phone call and charge your device(s) all with out needing to be near an outlet!


To give you a better view of the controls if you don’t want to use your phone/tablet to control:


jbl hd2      xtreme-blue-gallery-5



There are buttons built in on the top that set up the Bluetooth, Power, & + for the volume as well as play/pause and you can advance the tracks. The back side has a waterproof zip area that has a MICRO SD for software updates, power plug, two USB ports and an AUX port for connecting another device.


Set Up:

What an easy process, you just push the Bluetooth button on the top of the speaker and then look for JBL Xtreme under your list of Bluetooth devices available – it’s that simple.

What’s also great is you can have more than one device connected at a time (although sound will come from one device at a time)

If you are looking for a powerful speaker that gives you great balance of sound including some bass you can hear and feel, this JBL has you covered – you won’t be disappointed!

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