Jabra Halo Smart Earbuds

REVIEW: Jabra Halo Smart Wireless Earbuds

More and more people these days are looking for ways to get rid of having that annoying cord attached from their head to their device that always ends up getting in the way.

Jabra, known for their speakers and headphones over the years, has made the ultimate Bluetooth headphones for that person on-the-go.

Let me introduce you to the Jabra Halo Smart. This wireless, stereo Bluetooth headset could be the last pair of headphones that you need.


Jabra Halo Smart

Let me explain why I think these earbuds are so fantastic:


  • Battery life: Let me say this headset gives an impressive 17 hours of talk time/ 15 hours of music. I have NEVER seen a headset that generous in battery life and at the same time not adding extra weight for that larger battery.
  • Wind and Water resistant: Whether walking the streets of NYC with the wind blowing or taking a run, you have nothing to worry about with the Jabra Halo Smart.
  • Siri and Google Now w/one touch: Whether you are using an iOS or Android device, you can press a button on the neckband to get voice controls to help you out without having to take your device out of your pocket.




  • Magnetic Earbuds: When the earbuds aren’t in your ears, they have built in magnets to have to them connect together or to the neckband of the Jabra Halo Smart. This way, you don’t have to worry about them getting tangled or having to reach far for them.


Jabra Halo Smart magnet


  • Jabra Assist: This is an app for both iOS and Android users that is free to download. It allows you to:  1) You can see your battery level 2) Use “find my Jabra/Car” on a map (every time your headset is used, its position is geo-tagged and you can even activate a sound for the headset to make to help you find it) 3) Calendar and email readout through the earbuds


  • Amazing Sound: Jabra Halo Smart uses 10mm speakers in each earbud to give you great sound. Whether you are looking for that low bass or the crisp high tunes for music or that clean and clear voice on a call, you won’t be disappointed.





These headphones might look very similar to many other neckband style Bluetooth headphones on the market but I can assure you, once you put them around your neck and in your ears, you suddenly will know why these are better then most.


I can tell you first hand that I have been complemented on phone calls to how good my voice sounds through a headset as well as how well I can hear the person I am speaking to. I can also say the advantage of the neckband on these Jabra Halo Smart earbuds are; they will vibrate to alert you of an incoming call as well as keeping all the buttons on the neckband rather than the wire as well as the microphone on the other side so it can constantly pick up your voice from the same spot. Once again I’ll mention that these have the best battery life I have ever seen. It’s nice knowing whether you are flying across country or even overseas or just being away from a charger all day, the battery should last no matter the distance with 17 hours talk/15 hours music. They are also available in black, blue or red.

I use these for both business and pleasure and highly recommend this for anyone!

You can click HERE to buy them now from Jabra!





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