Griffin Travel Power Bank

REVIEW: Griffin Travel Power Bank

As smart devices keep growing in sales and popularity, we all know the power in our technology doesn’t last as long as we would like throughout the day.

The Apple Watch has it’s own type of charger that is different from phones and tablets.  I can say first hand, I don’t travel daily with my watch charger like I do with a lightning cable for my phone/tablet. The problem I would have is being out late and worrying about my Apple Watch lasting through the entire night before going into Power Reserve mode, rendering the smart watch just as a watch with no other functionality.

The people at Griffin Technology developed a great looking and VERY functional product to solve that problem. Meet the Travel Power Bank for the Apple Watch (Series 1 & 2).



Griffin Travel Power Bank

Now, no matter where you are, you don’t need to worry about finding a power outlet.


The Travel Power Bank Backup Battery is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand but loaded with these great features:


  • 1050 mAh rechargeable battery that provides up to 2.5 full charges for an Apple Watch
  • Certified, MFI-complaint magnetic charging surface built into the battery, so no cables are needed




  • Charge status LED indicator to let you know the battery life
  • Battery charges via any 5-volt USB charger (wall or car) or USB port on a computer
  • Weight is 1.6 oz (so you can’t even tell its on your being so light)
  • Key ring


  • Watch stand (it will even will let you use your watch in “nightstand” mode)


Griffin-Travel-Power-Bank stand























The Travel Power Bank Backup Battery is pretty simple and easy to use. It’s small enough for you to keep in any pocket or bag for when you need it in an emergency. It’s so small that I can even slide it under my watch while it’s strapped to my wrist to charge.

I usually like to plug in the charger once a month to make sure the battery is always full for when I need it.

For any Apple Watch owner, this is a MUST HAVE. Whether you buy it for yourself or get it for someone as a gift.

At some point you will say thanks Griffin for helping me out!


You can click HERE to buy it now.



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