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Yesterday I had the chance to attend a great tech event in Brooklyn, NY called getgeekedNY

40 different brands were at the show showing off their latest and greatest products available, plus some not even out on the market yet. It was a great opportunity to get hands-on experience with the various “toys” as I would call these tech finds and truly find out what they can do…

Here are my Top 10 brands I was most excited to connect with (in no specific order):


electric jukebox


1) Electric Jukebox: This is dubbed as “the ultimate music machine for your home…” It’s a very simple connection to your TV and then you connect to the WiFi and you’re all set to start listening to millions of songs that are on the library. The system comes with a remote that is very similar in function to a Nintendo Wii remote that you can use to wave at the TV screen as well as you can speak into it to pull up almost any artist your can think of from the Unites States as well as other countries for clean, digital sounding music.


Grain Audio


2) Grain Audio: The guys at Grain Audio are true audiophiles and seem to know what it takes to produce high quality sound and at the same time package it up to look nice with craftsman quality wood. They have a full range of audio products from headphones (both, over the head and ear buds), Bluetooth speakers and bookshelf speakers. The combination of look and sound make Grain’s products a sure bet!


leeo smart alert


3) Leeo Smart Alert: Leeo is a plug in device that makes your house a little “smarter” by alerting you via an app (iOS or Android) that your smoke or CO detectors are going off. The unit is able to detect the pitch and sound and when it’s heard, is when Leeo goes into action. The device can even be programmed to call your phone and alert you. They even packed in a couple other nice features that can tell you the temperature and humidity and a back LED that can be used as a nightlight that the color is fully adjustable via the app.



4) Ventev: I thought the people at Ventev have done a great job is making high quality products for smart and mobile devices. If you have a smart phone and/or tablet, they have a great line-up with various products under each of these categories; Protection, Power & Connection. I got hands on with some of the various charging systems they have from desktop to a slew of portable ones as well as their cables and everything looks very premium quality and with a lifetime guarantee.



5) Twelve South: After checking out the full line up at the Twelve South table, I realized they do one thing and that is create beautiful accessories designed exclusively for Apple products. They are so good, I’ll even add that Apple carries their products in all their stores and online!



pivothead eye camera


6) Pivothead Wearable Imaging“The most advanced wearable camera in the world” Pivothead has created two different models of their glasses (original & smart series) that allow you to capture, share and broadcast your true point of view in HD video or 8 MP images. There is even an add-on open that allows you to live stream.




7) SanDisk: SanDisk has been around for a long time making great memory products but I got to check out a couple of their newer ones and was especially impressed with their Connect Wireless Stick. What ever content you put on the stick (images, music, movies, documents etc..) allows up to three devices to  connect wireless with it. Pretty cool and convenient.


JBL speakers

8) JBLJBL had a great display set up of their Portable Bluetooth Speakers. There was a wide range from a clip on model to several hand held ones (that even light up) and their largest most powerful model that includes dual USB charging ports and lasts fifteen hours. JBL’s name I have known and associated with good sound for many years, once again, didn’t disappoint.

Slingbox M2


9) Slingbox: This is the company that made being on the go much easier… With one of their several models of Slingbox hooked up in your home, you have the ability to watch live or recorded shows anywhere you have internet reception with no monthly fees!


podo camera


10) Podo: Podo has made the world’s first stick & shoot camera. It’s a wireless, re-stickable camera that turns any surface into a photo booth. Through their app, you can chose your mode and see the image live and set a timer to take the photo when you want and can then save the image and share.

It’s as easy as: just stick, shoot & share!

Rob’s Event Rating: 10/10

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