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REVIEW: JBL Control X Wireless Speakers

These days most speakers are wireless, whether connected to some type of audio system or direct via Bluetooth.

JBL, one of the oldest speaker companies in the country and has lasted this long for the amazing sound and quality that audiophiles have come to love, have delivered again with another MUST have set of speakers.

The Control X Wireless stereo Bluetooth speakers are built like no other speakers I have heard in quite some time.



JBL Control X side


What makes these speakers so AMAZING are:


1. Portable: While these speakers may weight around 6.5 lbs a piece, they are cordless, so you can pick them up and take them or place them anywhere indoors or outdoors and whether you mount them on a wall or just place on some furniture, there are NO wires…






2. Power: You get the option of using these speakers on battery-power (up to 4 hours) or corded (which allows the speakers to play even louder). You never have to worry about being somewhere you need sound but there is no power outlets available.


3. Rated Power: For those who understand power ratings for speakers, the Control X Wireless give you 30W per channel RMS. That is incredible for portable speakers and while other powered speakers distort at high levels, these provide clean, undistorted audio at ANY volume.


4. Set-Up: Once you easily connect via Bluetooth, you then have the option (by moving a switch) to set up both speakers so one plays Left channel and the other Right channel, to get the ultimate sound when listening to music or you can have them both play Left and Right channels together on each speaker if they aren’t set up near each other. The individual channel settings truly give you a feeling like you are listening live.


JBL Control X settings



5. Sound: The Control X Wireless give you great sound whether it’s just through one speaker or truly incredible sound playing as a pair. Each speaker has a 1″ Lite tweeter that uses JBL’s high definition imaging waveguide to deliver that crisp, amazing highs while the 5.25″ woofer delivers good bass to even out the sound. There is also a built in EQ that is based on the Boundary compensation switch that let’s you “tell” the speaker if it’s being wall mounted or placed on a flat surface.

You can even connect another set of Control X Wireless speakers to add 2 more speakers (making it 4 total) to provide expanded, super-sized stereo with no worries about having cables running between them all.

There are also rubberized buttons on the top of the “master/main” speaker that allow you to turn on the power, activate the Bluetooth connection, track forward/back, play/pause and raise and lower the volume. The “master” speaker controls the secondary speaker at the same time.



JBL Control X



JBL Control X buttons




6. Color: JBL gives you 3 color options for the Control X Wireless speakers.

Harman_JBL_Control X

Once again, I truly haven’t heard such amazing sound from speakers this size that can give you studio sound. The sound quality doesn’t come cheap as this pair of speakers retails for $499 but I can tell you, you’re getting your money’s worth.

I have been using them indoors and set up so each speaker is a single channel (Left and Right). I am blown away from the crisp, precise, clear and amazing sounds I hear. I can’t even turn the volume all the way up as it gets so loud. I have also used them in “summed mono” mode (both speakers play Left and Right channels together) outdoors and it easily fills the yard with much more sound to still give.

Even though you can use these outdoors, they aren’t weather rated, so you would need to make sure you don’t leave them out in inclement weather.

If you appreciate amazing sound and willing to spend the money to get it, I can’t recommend enough that the Control X Wireless speakers are a MUST have and you can click HERE to buy them now!








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