REVIEW: CarLock – Advanced Car Tracking & Alert System

Are you a parent with teenagers who are driving or do you have a vehicle that you just like to know where it is at all times or what’s going on with it?

Protectus Technologies has made just the device you need. CarLock, an advanced real time car tracker and alert system.


carlock box

CarLock is very simple to use. There is only three steps in setting it up:


1 ) Set up an account through the app


2 ) Insert the CarLock into your OBD port under your dashboard


carlock plug


3) Download the app to use on an iOS or Android device

carlock app



Let’s talk about a couple great features that CarLock has to offer:


1 ) CarLock cloud – This is the heart of where all the data is stored, so you can access it anytime, anywhere.

carlock cloud


2 ) Notifications to your app: vehicle moved, engine started, vibration detected, harsh acceleration, harsh breaking, harsh cornering, speeding & low battery.


3 ) Backup SMS and Call Notifications (optional): Additional ways to receive notification about any problems


4 ) Mobile app: Whether you want to open your CarLock app to see where your vehicle is located (including showing the address and exact longitude/latitude), trip information or check on any diagnostics or your overall “driving score,”  it’s just that simple. There is even a log that shows all the trips that you have taken as well as any alerts that were triggered.


carlock app2       carlock app1  carlock app3  carlock app4



5 ) Autolock Monitoring: Whether you “Arm” the vehicle manually through the app or set up the times you want, this feature will send you notification on the vehicle’s activity during that time (while you are at work, sleeping, away on vacation, etc.)


6 ) Web App: Besides using the app on your iOS or Android device, you can log into CarLock’s portal via your computer or tablet to get the same data and visibility just on a larger screen.

Click HERE to check out a demo of the web portal for CarLock


Last, here is a look at what the CarLock looks like and what it’s made up of:






So, if you are interested in protecting your vehicle or just knowing your family members are safe while driving, the CarLock is a no brainer.


You can click HERE to buy it now and CarLock offers a monthly subscription with NO contract or hidden costs.


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