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REVIEW: Black Box Dual Dash Cam

You can be the safest and most alert driver on the road and regardless of what the weather conditions might be, you just need to blink your eye for a second and BAM! A reckless driver can come out of nowhere to hit you, cut you off or even worse.

Having dash cam helps add a level of security. You can record what’s going on from the driver’s POV and record everything day or nighttime while including the actual time and on some models the GPS location as well. This way, whether you witness or in an actual accident, you have the footage to back it up.

Besides all the great reasons for safety to have a dash cam in the windshield, you might just like getting behind the wheel and driving and it’s a great way to record where you are going in HD video!

The Black Box Dual from Blue Tiger gives you the best of both worlds!


Not only will it record what’s going on in front of you, the Black Box Dual also has a second camera that you can mouth anywhere else on your vehicle to record a second angle as well, “so you can get ’em coming and going!” (the second camera wasn’t connected at time of filming here.)





Let’s talk about some of the great features that the Black Box Dual packs inside:


  • 720p recording
  • 120* wide view angle on front camera
  • G-Sensor technology (collision detection)
  • Date/time stamp
  • Adjustable video settings
  • Still photo mode with 2MP resolution
  • Night recording
  • Built-in microphone to record in cabin noise
  • Simultaneously record two videos with secondary camera with 16ft. cable
  • Continuous recording
  • Detachable 2″ video preview screen
  • Power: built in rechargeable battery and a 12V DC cord


My Overall thoughts:




The Black Box Dual is very easy and versatile to position in your vehicle’s windshield and can be used with or without the LCD screen making it even smaller when mounted.

Although the internal battery only lasts a couple hours (common on most dash cams) the included power cord can easily make that problem go away.

Blue Tiger also includes an 8GB micro SD memory card (which can be upgraded) and I found even for an afternoon of driving, that is MORE than sufficient. Also keep in mind that when your memory gets filled, the system knows to automatically re-record over old footage.

Video quality I would say is OK. During the day you can easily see the vehicles and surroundings as you are passing by and as you get closer the focus tweaks.

The fact you can add a secondary camera to capture another angle I have yet to see on ANY other dash cam on the market





I wish you could have an option to turn off the microphone so the inside cabin noise/voices aren’t recorded

Navigating the menu. Very easy to start/end recording or snap a image but it took me a little time to get the hang of going through the categories and features

Recording: (you can also reference both videos in this review)

  • Daytime recording I found the vehicles seemed further away on the screen then they really are and when coming up/passing signs or even trying to see a license plate, I had to be up close for the focus to kick in
  • Nighttime recording I found very difficult as the camera lens had a hard time focusing when oncoming headlights shined in the path



If you would like that extra added protection in your vehicle, you can click here to Buy It Now.












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